Sonia Elizabeth Rachel Singno


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October 13






Blood; drinking; women; parties; women; Did I say women?


Kill-joys; buzz-kills; sudden noises; being poked

Sonia Singno was born in Edwinstowe, Nottinghamshire, England in 1112 to a clan of Vampires. Not long after Sonia's birth, a troupe of Vampire Hunters tore through the region, killing her parents. Sonia was sent away to live in one of the family's mansions and spent much of her time reading.

Eventually, she found her 'escape' in the lower levels of the basement where a Mysterious Figure gifted her with a Vampire Heart Crystal, the key to her clan's survival, the colour determining its power. In an odd twist of fate, Sonia was granted the rare White Heart Crystal, allowing her to 'swap' immunities and weaknesses and the like simply by draining the blood of a person who was 'imbued with magic' or 'afflicted by a curse'.


Sonia is tall, thin, fit, and chesty. One of her favourite habits is making breast jokes about herself, that and inspiring breast-envy in every female she walks past. She usually finds herself wearing a black sports bra under an off-the-shoulder, striped long-sleeved shirt, a pair of bicycle shorts, and a miniskirt. She also has a habit of wearing leggings and sneakers or boots.


Sonia is best described as being very... Promiscuous. Although she always has a 'special someone', that doesn't mean she isn't willing to 'share the fun' with just about anyone else in the vicinity with a pulse.

Strengths and PowersEdit

The Singno Clan of Vampires also has some Succubus blood and Shape-Shifter blood within its members, passing these abilities down to their final descendant.

General InfoEdit

Currently, Sonia is trying to better human-vampire relations in an effort to help rebuild the scattered Singno Clan to its former glory.

Items Currently In PossessionEdit

--- Talking Witch Hat Sonia can often times be seen wearing a witch hat bearing a zig-zag grin that is actually capable of speech. It's name is Horace.

--- Broom Although not really a 'witch', Sonia enjoys the façade with a fun little broom to float about on.


The idea for Sonia basically came from a need for a very...different character. Most characters were either law abiding and totally perfect clergymen, or crazed anarchists hell bent on Armageddon. We were looking for a more 'Chaotic Neutral' personality when designing Sonia.


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Written WorksEdit

--- Bound Beyond Blood A complete backstory for Sonia is currently in the works titled "Bound Beyond Blood" detailing her aim to rebuild her family's glory.

Other AppearancesEdit

--- Passions High School for the Unusual! A very... different Roleplay School on Facebook features an administrator who roleplays under the guise of Sonia Singno.

Relationships with Other CharactersEdit

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Fun FactsEdit

  • Sonia actually has a slight fear of men due to an abusive relationship in her past that will be covered in "Bound Beyond Blood".
  • Sonia is the first intersex character in the DoFFC Roster.

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