The first, and only, drawing of Mikail.

Mikail is one of the many characters in the DoFFC roster. Being introduced to DoFFC by Mark Wolter, Jake added him in as a character in several projects.


An actual picture of Mikail's current appearance has yet to appear, but the drawing to the left is the first and only concept of Mikail, depicted usually with white/silver hair.


Originally, Mikail was created by Mark Wolter as a means to tell Naruto fanfiction. However, due to his uncreative abilities to write or draw, Mikail remains unknown.

History before DoFFCEdit

Author's Note: Please be advised this is non-canon to DoFFC. Any and all ideas shared here are from the creator's mind.

Birth and the Path of StrengthEdit

After the Sage of Six Paths had sealed the Ten-Tailed Beast in the moon, his sons, the Uchiha and Senju clan ancestors, secretly collaborated together on a project that would change mankind: a being made entirely of chakra. The two got to work researching on how such a feat was possible. They had discovered that actual, demonic like creatures were left when the beast was sealed. After months of planning, they killed the creature and harvested its DNA. Using chakra and blood, the two placed the DNA inside a human vessel. The vessel was alive and named Mikail. They concentrated on completely wiping out the memory of Mikail and making his new objective to protect them. Several months later, Mikail awoke from the coma he had slipped in prior to the DNA being transplanted, changed for better or for worse. The mind erasing had worked, but the objective to protect didn't. He went on a rampage, slaughtering hundreds before the Senju clan ancestor killed Mikail with a dagger to his heart.

The Path of WisdomEdit

10 years after the death of Mikail, several people had noticed the corpse had been showing signs of vitality and liveliness. One day, a villager was killed for an unknown reason and the corpse was missing. The Uchiha clan ancestor chased down the blood trail and it led directly to the most unsuspected person: Mikail. Questioning Mikail's existence, he responded saying, "I have been given a new life and been blessed with reincarnation. Kill me all you want; I'll just be back stronger than ever." The two fought for days, and for all of them, Mikail had the advantage. The Uchiha clan ancestor asked how he saw through all of his attacks. Mikail said, "Because I already knew them." Sneaking up behind him, the Senju clan ancestor killed Mikail as he did 10 years ago; a dagger to his heart. Mikail's dying words were, "A plague... on both your houses..."

The Path of EnergyEdit

The ancestors had given birth to their own sons and then died shortly their after; remembering the words their fathers heard when Mikail died. This sparked a bitter rivalry between Kisuke and Nagumi, the Uchiha and Senju clan sons. One day during a clash between the two, a mysterious figure appeared and stopped them. Gasping in terror, the two realized who this unnamed foe was; the same person who had ignited the flame between the clans; Mikail.

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