Chief Operating Officer

DoFFC Entertainment Chief Operating Officer, Mark.

Born in Budd Lake, New Jersey, Mark Wolter is one of the newest members in the DoFFC Entertainment management, however he holds the highest position, after the founder, Jake Anderson. Wolter met Anderson during his senior year of high school, Anderson being one year his junior.

Contrary to his rather short time with the company, Wolter has been noted by Anderson to be one of the company's greatest contributors, surpassing his subordinates by a surprising margin.

Company InvolvementEdit

Wolter has had an extensive involvement in projects within DoFFC Entertainment, even going so far as to help decide the company's acronym's current meaning.

Elyas Advent SeriesEdit

Mr. Wolter has taken a rather influential and important role in the now frozen Elyas Advent Series, the first series of projects developed by DoFFC Entertainment.

Project: ShroudEdit

Another "frozen" project by the current development team, with Mark taking one of the major roles in development of the project.

Project: Epic WeekendEdit

A project similar to Rareware's "Conker's Bad Fur Day" that was postponed to be developed only during summer months of the year.

Project FarawayEdit

The current DoFFC Entertainment project, the current element of which is a novel being written under the title of "Nocturne ~ Dreams of Destinies Intertwined", written by Jake Anderson, with consultation by Mark Wolter.

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