Jake Anderson, CEO and Founder of DoFFC Entertainment... God help us.

Born in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, Jake Anderson founded DoFFC Entertainment in 2005 as Ridiculous Ideas Intertainment, strangely abbreviated as "RDI", in the garage of his South Carolina home along with his close friend who has since fallen out of the project, Keegan Craven. As a tribute to his friend, Anderson still shares credit for the initial iteration of DoFFC with Craven, regardless of his involvement in the past years.

Company HistoryEdit

Ridiculous Ideas IncorporatedEdit

Originally, Anderson intended for the company to be the development name he and Craven went by in their plan to become an independent video game development studio after having the realization one September day that so many games were becoming too similar, and that only a handful of companies were getting the lime-light in the industry, with fewer indie games and more major company games from places like Sony and Nintendo, who would buy out indie game developers to get them under their label before becoming a marketing threat.

However, Ridiculous Ideas Incorporated was short lived, as both Anderson and Craven agreed that the name sounded too immature and juvenile for a professional company. Unfortunately, fate made it impossible for them to decide on a new name before Anderson had to relocate with his family back to Pennsylvania.

Dawn of DoFFCEdit

After the flop of Ridiculous Ideas Incorporated, it took about a year for a new name to strike Anderson with inspiration, this time with a more...skewed direction. The original meaning of the acronym 'DoFFC' was born in Anderson's interest of the time, writing fanfiction.

"Darth Omix's Fan Fiction Centre" was born and died as quickly as a high school fad. After a few months, the original calling of the old "RDI Project" drove Anderson to change the meaning to "Darth Omix's Fun and Freelance Creations", without changing the acronym at all.

DoFFC EntertainmentEdit

DoFFC Entertainment was born in it's current iteration in 2008, roughly three years after it's creation. It combines both of it's creators' major interests: gaming and literature. Unfortunately, little progress has been made towards the creation of any real product by the company in the six years of it's existence. However, in recent weeks Jake Anderson has started writing a novel under the title of "Nocturne ~ Dreams of Destinies Intertwined" on Facebook, uploading completed chapters to his Facebook page, Philosophy Link.

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