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Peace and quiet; chocolate


Loud noises; overworking; overthinking

Elyas VonArcum was born into the extensive VonArcum family as the eldest of three siblings, having two younger sisters: Jaquelyn and Emilia. Not long after the girls were nine, both of their parents died, leaving Elyas to take care of them as best he could.

Eventually, Jaquelyn and Emilia were seized from his care by child services until he was deemed fit to be a suitable guardian. This led to a downturn in Elyas's mood and overall behaviour, eventually sending him into a seemingly fatal downward spiral until a close friend of his, Karyn Sky, intervened and reminded him of his goal to gain custody of his sisters.

After some time, Elyas began to bond with Karyn as she became more and more of a friend. Their friendship turned into mutual affection, with neither acknowledging the other's feelings towards themselves. Before either could admit it to the other, the pair were in a horrible plane crash that turned out to be fatal for Karyn.

All was not lost as she returned as a spirit to 'haunt' Elyas as she called it. They still denied their affection towards each other, but Elyas secretly pined for a way to bring Karyn back to life. He looked out into the occult world and found an answer, albeit not to his liking.

Before he could turn down this dark proposition of getting Karyn to 'take' the body of someone else still living, a wicked cult began working on it, eventually discovering something hidden in Elyas's family tree. The Syndicate, the name of the cultists, discovered that Elyas's family were one of the last pure-blooded families of DreadVyres, ancient 'Dark Beings' from the dawn of time.


Elyas is tall, thin, and slightly muscular. He has short, dark slightly spiked hair that has a habit of getting into his face. He often wears shades or some kind of goggles and a grey t-shirt accompanied by a black vest trimmed in red with a black and red striped lining. On his legs he wears red baggy pants with black X-shapes crossing the legs. Black sneakers with white soles and red laces adorn his feet on the most common occasion.

In terms of accessories, Elyas wears fingerless black gloves on both hands and a silver mood ring on one finger - a symbol of his promise to his sisters that he would find them again, as well as his hidden promise to bring Karyn back. He also wears an amethyst pendant around his neck on a brown string, the gem has 1000 enchantments placed upon it, earning it the name "The 1000 Moons' Pendant."


Elyas is cool, calm, and collected right up until someone or something he cares about is threatened. After that, all caution is thrown to the wind. He is an individual with a strong sense of nobility and honour, willing to risk his own well-being for his friends and loved ones.

Strengths and PowersEdit

Elyas is very quick on his feet and with his hands, becoming very skilled in hand-to-hand combat as well as swordsmanship. He is also skilled with computers and acrobatics.

One 'gift' he received as a result of his owning the 1000 Moons' Pendant was something called 'The Eon Sight', a magical property imbued into his eyes, allowing them to change colour with a different optical ability.

  • Crystal Blue - Elyas's natural eye colour that he was born with
  • Gray - Chronis Opticus - Allows Elyas to manipulate the flow of time using only his eyes
  • Red with Cat-Like Pupil - Vilanicus Opticus - Allows Elyas to see the auras of people, specifically inhuman creatures masquerading as mortals
  • Green - Mortalis Opticus - Grants Elyas the ability to see 'living' or otherwise 'active' things through inanimate objects. This includes living things, undead, and automatons (robots)
  • Pink - Majika Optika - 'The Magic Sight' allows Elyas to see the 'flow' of magic throughout the world
  • Dark Blue - TeleSight - Allows Elyas to 'zoom' with his own natural vision, giving him a high-powered telescope, and microsope, in his own eyes.
  • Solid Black - Malica Optika - 'The Evil Sight' allows Elyas to 'see' the intentions of people through their auras, like a modification of Vilanicus Opticus
  • Gold - Guilded Sight - Allows Elyas to see currency through walls and people
  • Purple - Chaotika Optika - 'The Chaos Sight' allows Elyas to use the power of Chaos in his vision, becoming able to predict the outcome of anything, even another person's movements... no matter how unpredictable
  • Solid White - Chromatica Optika - The 'Clear Sight' allows Elyas to see through anything selectively
  • Red Iris with Black Sclera - The Demon's Eye - Allows Elyas to use more 'uncommon' abilities
  • Golden Gear-shaped Iris with Black Sclera - The Eyes of Absolution - Allows full manipulation of time, space, and energy

General InfoEdit

Currently, Elyas is still hard-pressed to find a solution to both of his major predicaments: gaining custody of his sisters, and reviving Karyn. He will go to the ends of the Earth and beyond to fulfill his promises.

Items Currently In PossessionEdit

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--- Roderick's Pocketwatch

Elyas's father's pocketwatch that he kept as a momento of his father.

--- The Blade of Destiny



Interestingly, Elyas began as "Shade", a mediorcre Sonic the Hedgehog recolour of a fan-character. Eventually, after years' worth of reworking the character, Elyas gained liberation and independence as his own entity, gaining his troubling history with the death of his parents and loss of his sisters.


Shows where the characters have made an appearance.


--- Elyas's A-MAZING Adventure [Playable on Newgrounds, albeit a mediocre game]

Written WorksEdit

--- [N/A]

Other AppearancesEdit

--- There are a number of 'frozen' or otherwise haulted projects that would feature, if not star, Elyas as the main or even titular character.

Relationships with Other CharactersEdit

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Characters by the same creatorEdit


--- Roderick VonArcumEdit

Elyas had a strong bond with his father up until his death, even continuing to carry his old man's pocketwatch with him for good luck.

--- Selene VonArcumEdit

Elyas's mother was a loving and peaceful woman, always looking out for her son's best interest... Except for divulging the family history, which - very - slightly tarnished Elyas's image of his mother.

--- Jaquelyn "Jackie" VonArcumEdit

One of Elyas's twin younger sisters that look next to nothing alike, Jackie is the far more outspoken one, often getting into trouble back when she and her brother were little, trying to blame it on him or Emilia instead of owning up to it.

--- Emilia VonArcumEdit

The second of Elyas's twin younger sisters that look next to nothing alike, Emilia is much more shy and timid than her sister, often shrinking away from conflicts and yelling whenever possible.


--- Karyn SkyEdit

Elyas's best friend and love interest, even death can't separate these two as she 'bound herself to Elyas's strong spirit' until she 'finished something'. Elyas still works to find a way to revive her, all while trying to figure out what it is that Karyn lingers around for in the land of the living.

--- //Edit


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--- //Edit

Other charactersEdit

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--- //Edit

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--- MikailEdit

A close friend of Elyas's for years and sparring partner for many of them, they seem to have fallen out of touch in recent years, however.





Fun FactsEdit

  • Elyas is allergic to cheese and is the first DoFFC Character to have an expressed allergy of any kind.

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