ALICE Project

The ALICE Project is currently underway within the Advent Games division of DoFFC.

The ALICE Project (Working Title)

Type of Project

Puzzle Game


Jake Anderson

Development Team

Advent Games


Alice Perennam


The Forgotten Ones; Desire; Lilith

Current Status


The ALICE Project currently in development by the Advent Games division of DoFFC is an interesting take on the world of Alice in Wonderland. Instead of being in a happy little dreamland, Alice finds herself lost in the twisted Nightmare World of Never-Ever Land. Desperate for an escape, Alice must learn the horrors of Never-Ever Land and deal with her own real-world problems to become freed.


The ALICE Project pulls from several different sources of 'Alice-related' media. Such examples include:

  1. The novels by Lewis Carrol
    • Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
    • Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There
  2. The horror games made by American McGee
    • American McGee's Alice
    • Alice: Maddness Returns
  3. The movies by Disney and Tim Burton
    • Alice in Wonderland (1995)
    • Alice in Wonderland (2010)
  4. The song by the Vocaloids
    • Alice of Human Sacrifice

Also, while not 'Alice-related', the Project also pulls from varoius pieces of mythology and demonology with various concepts and creatures throughout Never-Ever Land including things such as Beelzebub and the Tower of Babel.


The plot of the ALICE Project is currently still under heavy development and remains subject to much change before a more 'complete' version can be drafted.


As with the plot, many characters are subject to name and allegiance changes besides the pre-drafted Karma System throwing loops into a more 'organized' list.










General InfoEdit

The Project was initially created to be a short story some time ago but was recently re-drafted into a Puzzle Game.

Items Currently In Development (Under Construction or Tweaking)Edit

--- Plot

--- Villains

--- Mechanics

--- Puzzles

--- Locations


For years the members of the Advent Games team were fans of various elements of 'Alice-related media' and wanted to make their own mark with it. When the chance came up to make a game, the beginning trio jumped at the chance to work on it.


Shows where the characters will be appearing.

First WorldEdit


Second WorldEdit


And So On..Edit


Relationships with Other ProjectsEdit

There are no clear tie-ins to other projects at this time.

Projects by the same creator/teamEdit







Similar ProjectsEdit



Fun FactsEdit

  • There are currently a total of six characters named 'Alice' in the most recent draft of the plot.

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